Next Generation Voice & Conversational AI

OmniBot GmbH, based in Oldenburg – Germany, is the first company in Europe offering a complete Voice and Conversational AI Platform based on its own proprietary technologies.

The OmniBot Platform is a full “end-to-end” solution that enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively develop and scale the use of intelligent Chat and Voice Assistants. OmniBot is one of the only vendors in Europe offering a credible alternative to the large platform vendors from the USA and China. OmniBot has delivered solutions to well-known companies which had previously relied on foreign technology solutions from IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex and others. OmniBot customers and partners include Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, EWE, Cewe Color, Lufthansa, Team Neusta, Deutsche Bahn and market-leading companies in the USA, the Middle East and Asia (India and Japan).

Virtually any software or hardware can be given Conversational Intelligence with Natural Language Understanding as well as Humanlike Voice through the power of the OmniBot Platform. OmniBot offers full data protection and privacy via the Deutsche Telekom cloud services or alternatively as an edge or on premise deployment.
OmniBot know how and technology leadership team includes Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Jeff Adams who was formerly head of research and development for Nuance (world leader in speech technologies) and more recently let the Amazon team that developed the famous speech assistant “Alexa”. Catherine Breslin also joined the OmniBot team as Director Speech Technologies – until November 2018 was leading the Amazon Alexa AI team in Cambridge, UK.

In a recent 2019 Industry Whitepaper on the leaders of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, Microsoft and Ernst & Young highlighted OmniBot with a case study at Volkswagen. In 2018, OmniBot was listed by Forbes as one of the top 100 most innovative start-ups in Germany. EIT, Europe’s leading digital accelerator included OmniBot as an EU Commission-funded “Scale-Up”. OmniBot also receives funding for various R&D projects through the BMBF (development of an artificially intelligent lecturer for the use in university teaching) and the EU Horizon2020 program.

Find out how your company can leverage the OmniBot Platform to build a complete Voice and Conversational AI Ecosystem:

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Our Customers and Partners

Contact Center Platform
Vendor (UK) – Partner/OEM

Deutsche Bahn
Leading railway operator – Direct Customer

Leading telecommunication provider – Marketing, Sales & Product Partner

Leading private education
provider – Direct Customer

Leading Automotive
Manufacturer – Direct Customer

Germany’s largest University –
Partner and Direct Customer

OmniBot has recieved an award and funding grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Foundation

OmniBot has recieved an award and funding grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Foundation