Classic OmniBot

In 1996, the first OmniBot AI project was launched in the US by John A. Reder, a highly skilled software developer and consultant based in the US. OmniBot was built to showcase Mr. Reder’s software technology skills and consulting services. Since 1996 the OmniBot software has been available for download by anyone interested in evaluating and testing early chatbot and AI technology. John A. Reder and his “Classic OmniBot” software also participated in competitions in order to promote his commercial services.

In early 2018 OmniBot GmbH ( acquired all rights to Mr. Reder’s OmniBot software, including all software IP, product name, trademark license rights and all associated IP including trademark history. Today, the “Classic OmniBot” software and all connected rights are maintained for commercial marketing purposes by OmniBot GmbH. 20 years of OmniBot history are presented by the OmniBot team at exhibitions and as part of customer demos.

If you are interested in seeing how AI has evolved in the last 20 years, feel free to contact us and we will demonstrate the entire set of OmniBot solutions.