OmniBot Solutions

Achieve your AI strategy with our Conversational AI solutions,
no matter how complex or custom the requirements.

OmniBot technology combines best-in-class Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver fast contextual understanding with highest accuracy.

OmniBot’s Multidimensional Domain Cluster™ Architecture allows businesses to quickly and easily build their own private domains while leveraging other NLU Domains. OmniBot technology can be integrated into nearly any software and hardware systems, including e-commerce, websites, smartphones, contact center, smart home, automotive and Industry 4.0.

Custom (Private) Domains

Create one or more custom domain for your business requirements.

Custom Trigger Phrase

Make your device respond to custom trigger phrases of your choice, similar to “Ok, Google….”

Custom Speech Recognition Models

Quickly create custom speech recognition models to address noise, acoustic conditions, or unique vocabulary.

Product Integration Tools and Support

Easily integrate your conversational AI interface with any voice or text channel and cross system integration with OmniBot’s SDKs, Connectors and PHP tools.

Contact Center Integration

Integrate text and voice enabled virtual agent engagements into live chat or contact center platforms.  Live agents can monitor and directly engage with clients in coordination with the virtual agent or bot.

Predictable AI

Quickly automate QA testing, monitoring and alert systems for Conversational AI development and production deployments.

IOT Integration

Power any IOT enabled devise with a fully conversational user interface with Omnibot embedded AI software technology.

Maximum Privacy & Data Security

The OmniBot SaaS platform complies fully with European GPRD data security and privacy regulations. OEM and customers can also build their own on premise deployments for even greater control.

Authentication & Fraud Detection

Our Voice Biometrics technology can be easily integrated directly into the client dialog flow in order to authenticate users or identify potential fraud risks.

From IVR to Fully Conversational Virtual Agent

The OmniBot platform is an ideal alternative or compliment to traditional IVR systems. Start with simple conversational IVR and build automated conversational branches including fully conversational virtual agents or assistants.

Robotic Process Automation

OmniBot connector and automation tools are designed to enable OEMs and customers to quickly build conversational user interfaces for any type of automation flows or platforms.

Industry 4.0

OmniBot can be easily embedded and customized in order to meet the most advanced Conversational Voice Interactions required to front-end Industry 4.0 automation use cases.

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